Past layouts

Here you can see my past layouts.

Past Layouts

First layout:
It was a black and pink lay.
Inspired by Papillon Rose and had pretty roses ^-^
But it was to black for me...
Papillon Rose Layout

Second layout:
It was light blue and lilac an very cute^-^
Inspired by Fushigi boshi futago hime, a cute anime!
Futago Hime Layout

Third layout:
It was a nighty and angelic layout^-^
Inspired by Ojamajo Doremi, another Anime that I love^-^
Ojamajo Doremi Layout

Fourth layout:
Inspired by Ran Kotobuki of Super Gals!, an anime you have got to see!
Fresh and funky for spring!
Super Gals! Layout

Fift layout:
Inspired by Bright my personal character!
Next time it will be again a anime layout ^^
Bright Layout

Sixth layout:
Inspired by Pinkness and luchia from mermaid melody pichi pichi pitch.
Pink Pearl Voice! Layout

Inspired by the aqua pearl princess from mermaid melody pichi pichi pitch, Hanon!
Mizuro Pearl Voice! Layout

Inspired by Rina the green princess from mermaid melody pichi pichi pitch.
Green Pearl Voice! Layout

Seventh layout:
OMG! This is not an anime lay!
This is a pearl goddess.
Pearl goddess Layout

Eight layout:
YEAH! An Anime layout!
Ojamajo doremi is my very first anime I have ever seen so a tribute to Doremi.
For this layout I have mady so many pixels that they would not fit in it!
Ojamajo Doremi 2 Layout

Ninth layout:
Shugo chara! Kyaaa~!
New fresh anime that deserves to be on my lay!
And this time it is a X-Mas lay!!!
Shugo chara x-mas Layout

Tenth layout:
A non-anime layout
It is an... Zodiac layout!
Aquarius my starsign!
My birthday is in februari so I thought a lay dedicated to me is also fun!
Base by Milkbun
Zodiac Aquarius layout

Eleventh layout:
Another non-anime layout
This time I made it again personal.
It is me in my very own atelier ^-^
My Atelier layout

Twelfth layout:
Grape gallore!
A whole PIXEL layout without dolls or bases!
It took me sooo much time!
Vineyard layout

Thirteenth layout:
Pink pretty princess!
This is basicly all the small thing that I love to pixel like roses, ruffles and jewels.
Pink Princess layout