Gemstones contest

This contest is about Gemstones!
You have to make a doll inspired by a gemstone.
Also! You need to incorporate the stone somewhere.


Deadline = July 20th
With a minimum of 5 entries!


- No portrait base! Sorry!
- Must include a pixelated gem minimum size: 30x30 px
- Doll must be inspired by an existing stone.

General Rules

- Not bigger then 400 x 400
- No nudity (just artistic allowed)
- No frankendolling
- Use of pallets and props allowed (tell me from who with a link!)
- Background and animation is allowed
- Only 1 doll in each entry
- Max. of 2 entries a person
- Have fun dolling!


Some examples of stones: - Ruby
- Sapphire
- Emerald
- Diamond
- Aquamarines
- Opals
- Topaz
- Amethyst
- Peridot
- Citrine
- Garnet
- Turquoise
- Quartz

Example doll:

How to enter

You can mail me your entry at:
Mail: Mail
*It works now!* With the following info:
-Site URL
-Doll URL
-Base URL
-(Prop or pallet info)
-Gem picture