Here comes the bride! contest awards

Congratulations to all of you!
Here are the awards for the 'Here comes the bride!' contest.
It is a bit different this time!

I will explain what I like and did not like about your dressdesign.
Since I was your customer and YOU had to design something in my taste!
I only made 3 Honourble Mention awards and the 3 I likes best.
And ofcourse the Thanks for joining award!

OW I must say, I like my awards so I hope you like them too!
Here are the awards!

Thanks Award

First Place


Congratulations you are first!
I really like the princess styled dress shape!
You had a wonderfull backview and great details on the back.
You Made the dress very simple and white what I wanted, But did a great job on adding color on it.
The bow on the back just finishes it all.
I do hope that my hair will be not that curly on my day hihi ^^

Second Place


Congratulations! you are second!
I love the pattern you made on the side of the dress!
I love it becuase it has more colors but is very subtile too!
In real I would love the flowers to be smaller though ^^
The little patter on the lower part of the dress is nice touch too.
The lower back is also a very nice and sexy touch!

Third Place


Congratulations you became THIRD!
I live the green color. It looks nice on me!
Although I don't get how her sleeves are pricesly I like them
You made it a more medival look to it but still very modern and colorfull! I love the simplicity of it all!

Honourable mentions


Elaitea I loved your design it was very well done and lively!
You looked at what I wanted and used the hair, colors and bouquet well ^^
The only thing that didn't gave you a top 3 award is that is was a simple straight dress. I was more hoping for a bigger princess style!

Honourable mentions


Also to you Katie is is a great design!
You used the colors well and made a fun and nice dress out of it!
Also with your dress I hoped it to be more poofy for my taste and some folds :
Also I'm not found of the orange/salmon color.

Honourable mentions


You where the first to enter!
you made a simple but colorfull dress with a nice pattern!
The simplicity did it! good job! And I love the hair with the tiara.
You did listen to my hair choice!
What I hoped to see was more white because she now looks all blue :) and maybe a hint of another color.