Doll Netiquette English

Here you will find the rules of the dolling community.
Read them carefully and follow them.

Updated: 12-05-2011


Most dollingsites have rules.
Read these rules carefully when you want to use something of the website.
If you don't understand the rules, try using an online translator.

Some website have a F.A.Q. page.
This stands for: frequently asked questions.
Read this page too, maybe your question is already answer here.

About bases

When you use a base from a website, you must always link back.
You do this with a working link and even a banner.
When a site is gone, you still link back to the last known adress.
It is handy to sort your dolls on basemaker.
Look on other websites to see how other do it.

Underneath a base usually there is a copyrightsign.
Whenn you doll on a base, take away this sign and maybe even add your own.
I repeat: alsways link back to the basemaker.

Also read the rules about dollbases.
A lot of dollers have other rules the the others.
Example: there are dollers that say you may not alter the poses or switch them.
Other dollers say that you can only change eye and lip colors.
And others dollers say you can alter then how you want it but make sure that you link back to the maker.

When you make your own base make sure it's 100% yours.
Do not copy any parts even if you have pixeled it just like the original.
Do not take the colors of a base that you like.
That is also frankendolling.
Tip: give your base a name and a copyright so that none will copy your base.

If you host a contest on your site and you ask information about the maker like:
- name
- site
- doll url
- base
You are as host required to ask for a base and link back to the maker.
So other dolls will know what base you used.

If you are not capable to make a base then it no big deal!
Not every doller has her own bases on her site.
You either can make it or not.
So do not claim other ones bases as your own and put them on your site, when you can not make a nice one.
It's not obligatory.

About dolls

Some dollers have ordered their dolls in: Adoptable and not adoptable.
About adopting a doll I will explain later on.
When you see a doll that you like you must not do these things:
- You must not claim someone elses doll as yours
- You must not take any part of that doll and put it on yours.
- You must not take colors of the doll and use them for yours.
- You must not use someone's else doll for a contest when it's not yours.

About Frankendolling

The name Frankendolling comes from Frankenstein.
Frankenstein was made from body parts of many persons.
This explains already what the main doll rule is: do not take parts of other dolls and claim it as yours!

With parts I mean:
- body parts
- clothes
- hair
- backgrounds
- colors
Be a better doller and don't start frankendolling.
Dollers have copyright on their dolls to prevent stealing.

About adopting dolls

Some dollers have ordered their dolls in: Adoptable and not adoptable.
When a doll says do not adopt, don't even bother asking the maker if you can.
When a doll is adoptable you must mail the maker if you can adopt a doll.
Say which one you want to adopt, what your website is and where you put it on your site.
Most important: you must link back.

Yet be sure that you do not do direct linking.
Save the doll in question on you pc and re-upload it to your server.
This is because our servers get to full so make sure to re-upload it on your server.

About dollmakers

Dollmakers are to play with.
This is fun if you don't know how to doll.
The idea started with the old fashion paperdolls.
You cut from paper a doll with underwear and then you cut out the clothes and you can change this.

The rules of the pixeled dollmakers are like the normal rules:
- do not make a doll and claim it as yours
- do not take any clothes from a dollmaker and claim it as yours
- do not take any hair or other items from a dollmaker and claim it as yours

About pallets and props

Some sites have pallets and props.
Read the rules before using them!
Some pallets you can use without linking back ans some want that you link back to them.
If you enter a contest with a doll in which you use a prop or pallet.
You must say this to the person who has the contest so she can add it to the contest info.